Catch and Release Permits

Dear WRHA member

With the snake season on the front of our doorstep, I would hereby
like to request the following information from members who is in
possession of a valid catch and release permit:

1.  Which area(s) do you cover / how far are you prepared to travel on
a call out?
2.  Submit a list of all catch and releases from 1 September 2013 so
that we can publish it in our newsletter.  Please also remember to
submit photos of any catch and releases.
3.  Your written permission to publish your name and contact number on
our website and facebook page

May I please have this information as soon as possible but by no later
than Friday morning 8:00 – 13 September 2013.

I would also like to make use of this opportunity to emphasize that it
is a “catch and release” permit and not a “catch and keep everything
you catch” permit.  So let us all stick to it please!!

I trust that I can rely on your co operation in this matter.

Looking to all the replies from members with catch and release permits.

Herper Greetings