New Permit Prices 2015-2016

The Gauteng Nature Conservation Department has issued a price change on reptile keeping permits and catcha and release permits. You can finds the details for each of the permit types in the PDF document attached below. PermitPrice_ListAPRIL2015 -2016

What To Do When Encountering A Snake Unexpectedly

For those of us who are lucky enough to live in places where we have encounters with wildlife, here are a few do’s and don’ts for when you come across a snake! Indoor Encounter Here are a few tips for when you encounter a snake in your house. Do not try and be a hero, […]

June 2015 Meeting

Our next meeting will be taking place as follows: Date: 5 June 2015 Time: 19:15 for 19:30 Venue: Heia Safari Ranch Topic: Research on ambushing scentless Puff Adders by Ash Miller You are welcome to make use of the restaurant facilities at Heia Safari Ranch. Directions to Heia Safari. Looking forward to seeing you all […]

Snake Bite Treatment Course

This course covers all the venomous snakes as well as semi-venomous snakes in RSA. You will be taught how to identify them from other snakes, what venom they possess, their distribution, habitat and how to treat their bites. You will receive all the necessary course material on the day. You will be shown images of […]

Under Construction

Welcome to the new WRHA website. This site is under construction, but come back often to see the changes …. we are working hard to get it done!