Febuary Field Trip

You are all invited to join us for a field trip at Stone Hill Lodge.
There will be no meeting at Heia Safari Lodge for February.

Date: 2 February 2013
Time: 7:30 for 8:00 (am)
Venue: Stone Hill Lodge

We will have a short discussion of what to do and what not.
Thereafter, we will move out to look for reptiles.  Once we are back
at the venue, facilities will be available for a bring and braai.
Please also bring your own refreshments, chairs, cutlery, crockery,
glasses braai tongs etc.

Either before or after the bring and braai, we will have a more formal
meeting to discuss and decide on things.  This is really going to be
an exciting year and we really need you there.  There will also be one
or two exciting and formal announcements be made.  So please keep the
2 February 2013 open – for a sort of a long day out in the field and
fresh air.

Then last but not least, anybody joining us for the field trip, please
remember your chronic medicine – especially for allergies and things
like inhalers for asthma.

Then, please RSVP: spottymonty@gmail.com by 25 January 2013 to me who will attend and the
number of persons.  I need to provide the lodge with numbers.

Looking forward to see you there!!

Map & Directions