Gaboon Adder

There are two subspecies of Gaboon Adders ; the East African Gaboon Adder and the West African Gaboon Adder. The East African Gaboon Adder occurs along the east coast of Africa from  the upper east coast of South Africa and up into Mozambique. West African Gaboon Adders live in the tropical rainforests of West Africa. Gaboon Adders have the largest fangs of any snake .  Gaboon Adders are the largest Adders in Africa measuring up to 2m. Gaboon Adders are the second largest adder/viper in the world after the Bush Master of South America that can grow to nearly 3m long.  Due to their large girth adult Gaboon Vipers have been reported to be seen eating Duikers, a small species of buck about the same size as a small dog . Due to their spectacular colouration and size, as well as being one of the most docile venomous snakes,  Gaboon Vipers have become popular with reptile keepers. Gaboon Vipers are high on the list of my favorite snakes, but a cytotoxic bite from a snake with huge venom glands and record-breaking fang length is not something I would enjoy. Gaboon Vipers are best suited to the professional snake keeper.

Author: Timothy Zedi