Good Morning Fellow Herpers You are hereby all invited to join the WRHA for our next meeting / gathering: Date: 1 March 2013 Time: 19:15 for 19:30 Venue: Heia Safari Lodge Speaker:  Ms. H. Pfeifer Topic:  Boa Constrictors… a few aspects We will once again make use of the restaurant facilities at Heia Safari Lodge. […]

Types of Snake Venom and their Effects on Humans

Snake venom comes in different types.  Different types of venom have different effects on humans. Cytotoxic Venom destroys tissue and causes pain, swelling and eats away at the flesh. Cytotoxic bites vary in potency according to the species of snake, size of the snake and the amount of venom injected. Snakes with cytotoxic venom include most […]

Febuary Field Trip

You are all invited to join us for a field trip at Stone Hill Lodge. There will be no meeting at Heia Safari Lodge for February. Date: 2 February 2013 Time: 7:30 for 8:00 (am) Venue: Stone Hill Lodge We will have a short discussion of what to do and what not. Thereafter, we will […]

African Giant Bull Frog

African giant bullfrogs are native Southern Africa but have a very limited range due to habitat destruction. They are found in rain filled pools in grassland areas. These frogs spend most of their time  buried in a cocoon and are only seen during the wet season, which is when they breed. African giant bullfrogs live […]

Gaboon Adder

There are two subspecies of Gaboon Adders ; the East African Gaboon Adder and the West African Gaboon Adder. The East African Gaboon Adder occurs along the east coast of Africa from  the upper east coast of South Africa and up into Mozambique. West African Gaboon Adders live in the tropical rainforests of West Africa. […]

Types of Food Snakes Eat

Different species of snake eat different types of prey. Sometimes juvenile snakes will eat different food than adults of the same species e.g Baby White Lipped Tree Vipers eat mainly lizards and frogs, while adults will eat birds and small mammals as well as frogs and lizards. There are many more species of snake that […]

How Reptiles Maintain Their Body Temperature

Before you get to the methods of heating your reptiles, you will need to know how a reptiles body works in regards to regulating temperature. You and I are endothermic ( warm blooded) this means that we can regulate our body temperature ourselves. We turn the food we eat into energy, we metabolise this energy […]

How Big do Pythons and Boas Grow?

Green Anaconda   There has been reports of Green Anacondas reaching 18.9m long this snake was shot by a British colonel in Brazil in 1907. This snake would have been unable to support its own weight on land and was therefore its reported length was not accurate. The most realistic reports of the Green Anacondas […]